Giving Your Carpets and Hard Floors the Longest Life Possible

Floor coverings are a major part of your investment in your premises and you only get one chance to make a first impression, so it had better be a good one, right?

With aesthetics being so important, it’s SO easy for your staff or visitors to “name and shame” at the swipe of a screen and a click of a button. Business owners need to be more vigilant than ever when trying to impress prospective staff, clients and visitors. The first step in creating a memorable first impression is to ensure your premises looks clean, tidy and inviting.

Whether you run a large corporation or a small start-up, you’ll want to project the right image; one that says you’re professional and competent, and that you demand constantly high standards. This image won’t be conveyed if your customers step through the door to be greeted with tired and stained carpets, or worn, dull floors.  In areas where there is high foot traffic, we can often see obvious ‘lanes’ appear over time, which are unsightly as well as being a heavy indicator of wear and tear – an image like this may seem like you don’t care, and that your standards could be less than perfect.  Office cleanliness should be the cornerstone on which you build your business reputation.

So what can we do to ensure the longevity of our hard floors or their coverings?  Daily, regular vacuuming of carpets and mopping of hard floors will help maintain the aesthetic, but every day deep seated dirt will build up that vacuuming and mopping will not reach.  The only way to eliminate this is to implement a regime of scheduled carpet and hard floor deep cleaning.  Regular deep cleans will help to preserve your floors, carpets and coverings for longer, removing the need to replace them as often, saving you time, money and hassle.

Whether your carpets are a thick sumptuous pile, or a basic low pile tile, cleaning is best undertaken biannually by professionals. Contractors use professional-grade equipment which will quickly and efficiently remove the microscopic debris and dirt that has built up, ensuring that no cleaning agent is left behind after a thorough extraction process.  Why not have your upholstery cleaned at the same time?  Your soft furnishings come under attack from the same dirt, outdoor grime, odours and pollutants as your carpets, so it makes sense (financial and otherwise) to have them all cleaned together.

As with carpet cleaning, we recommend that hard floor deep cleaning and maintenance is carried out biannually by a professional. Again, contractors will use professional grade equipment to improve the look and longevity of the floor’s surface, and will often apply a clear undercoat or polish to protect the raw floor (depending on its composition) making it last much longer.

Here at Diligent Cleaning we employ cleaning experts across Peterborough and surrounding areas.  Carpet and hard floor maintenance is essential if you want to prolong the appearance and life of carpets, carpet tiles and hard floor coverings.  For any further guidance or advice do not hesitate to get in touch.