Diligent Cleaning’s First Priority – Health and Safety

During what can only be described as the biggest global crisis in generations, Diligent Cleaning are working harder than ever in a bid to help fight the Coronavirus pandemic.  This serves to bring a greater focus on health and safety – our first priority.

For a number of years, Diligent has been accredited by CHAS (The Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme). CHAS is a founding member of the Safety Schemes in Procurement (SSIP) and played an integral part in its launch in May 2009 – striving to invest in protecting and furthering its aim: “to improve health and safety standards across the UK and safeguard organisations from risk.”

CHAS is an authority and trusted advisor on health and safety compliance, responsible for setting industry benchmarks and providing the new Common Assessment Standards. In order for standards to be constantly met, CHAS requires you to be re-assessed on an annual basis. We’re proud to have renewed the achievement of this SSIP health & safety standard; committing to another 12 months of continuous safe working practices.

Clients can rest assured that our Health and Safety policies are at the forefront of our business and  that we go the extra mile to reach the stringent standards set by SSIP accreditations.

We are also pleased to announce that we have achieved an additional SSIP accreditation with SMAS! Similar to CHAS, SMAS assess your business in great detail to determine if you meet SSIP standards for accreditation.

Going forward, Diligent guarantees to deliver the best possible service, at the heart of which are our fully trained staff who are all mindful of what our clients demand and expect in such unsettling times.

Our Away Day at Peterborough Phantoms

Never let it be said that we’re all work and no play here at Diligent Cleaning. We’re just like one big happy family, so it stands to reason that when we have some down time, now and again we like to spend some of it together.

That opportunity arose last Sunday evening when our Managing Director, Simon, bought a VIP Box at Peterborough Phantoms Ice Hockey Arena to entertain not just us, but some of our lovely clients too.

Ice hockey has been a huge part of Peterborough’s modern history since the early 80s, when the ice rink was built in the city – the first in the UK since the 1960s! The Phantoms themselves are a team of locally trained players who have progressed through the excellent Peterborough Youth Development Programme, supported by other players from North America and Europe. Much like Diligent, their talent is culturally diverse and inclusive!

Our dream clean team, and clients from Barratt David Wilson (house builder) & Persimmon (house builder). Pictured far right with ‘Hockey Dog’ is Parker, who joined Diligent’s Managing Director, Simon Youngs, on the ice after the game to present the Man of the Match awards.

Building good relationships with our clients is key to our business, and this was the perfect setting to strengthen our association with them, as well as within our own team. We enjoyed a fast paced, fun packed evening, with Peterborough Phantoms claiming a 4-2 win over Leeds Chiefs.

Finding the right work/life balance can sometimes be difficult – we think we’ve nailed it!

You can book tickets to see the Phantoms in action via their website here. Go Phantoms!

Cleaning Is Good For Your Mental Health!

Mental health isn’t the taboo subject it once was, thank heavens! But for those of us that don’t suffer a mental illness, it’s still really easy to get bogged down with ‘stuff’ and to feel a little under par from time to time. The stresses and strains of everyday life can be exhausting!

So what do you do when you’re feeling stressed or a little anxious? Maybe you download a mindfulness app or book yourself in for a spa day or massage? But it might surprise you to learn that more and more people are reaching for the vacuum cleaner in order to work out some of that angst; which is every bit as beneficial to mental health as some of the more sedate or relaxing alternatives.

So why does dusting those cobwebs away have such a positive effect on our wellbeing? Perhaps it’s because it gives us a sense of control over our environment, whilst the act of cleaning itself can help calm the mind as well as improving mood due to the satisfaction factor.

Of course, science plays a part too – we know that any form of exercise releases endorphins and as cleaning could be construed as exercise, we can all reap those same feel good rewards! Even an hour of minimum effort household chores can see us burn over 100 calories, so the heavier the work, the more calories we burn.

Decluttering also has a positive impact. You know the saying – “tidy house, tidy mind”? Too much clutter can over stimulate the senses making us feel like there is unfinished business. By tidying your surroundings, and having a home for all possessions, the brain fog that some of us tend to get will lift.

Our mood can also be determined by the products that we use to clean with. The aromas and scents of our surroundings can help give you a much needed lift, increasing motivation and energy levels, whilst decreasing feelings of stress and anxiety.

Now you don’t need to wonder why we’re all such a happy bunch at Diligent!

Being Social Can Pave the Way!

If you’ve ever wondered about the effect social media could have on your business, and whether it can really generate interest in your services or products, then you don’t need to look any further than this prime example of free marketing.  And the catalyst? People power!

Worldwide recognition has been heaped on a 21 year old Northamptonshire man, who has taken the initiative to clean local road signs in his spare time.  Window cleaning business owner Liam Wildish helps to look after his neighbourhood by cleaning up muck ridden road signs that have become difficult to read (particularly at night), and are generally in need of some TLC.  As a new business owner, Liam wanted to give something back to the local community that has supported him in his venture.

Mr Wildish began posting his cleaning videos on social media and they soon went viral with over 3 million views, when the viewing public were captivated by his bighearted gestures and work within the community.

The media attention has garnered support from John Mann, Labour MP for Bassetlaw, who has backed calls for Mr Wildish to be honoured. He said: “We should celebrate community activists and their commitment to making things better for us.”

The impact Mr Wildish’s ‘community service’ has had, has been nothing but positive, both on his community as well as his business.  Consciously or unconsciously, the results have been staggering.  It just goes to show – good deeds really do pay dividends.  And in this case, particularly for cleaners!

Giving Your Carpets and Hard Floors the Longest Life Possible

Floor coverings are a major part of your investment in your premises and you only get one chance to make a first impression, so it had better be a good one, right?

With aesthetics being so important, it’s SO easy for your staff or visitors to “name and shame” at the swipe of a screen and a click of a button. Business owners need to be more vigilant than ever when trying to impress prospective staff, clients and visitors. The first step in creating a memorable first impression is to ensure your premises looks clean, tidy and inviting.

Whether you run a large corporation or a small start-up, you’ll want to project the right image; one that says you’re professional and competent, and that you demand constantly high standards. This image won’t be conveyed if your customers step through the door to be greeted with tired and stained carpets, or worn, dull floors.  In areas where there is high foot traffic, we can often see obvious ‘lanes’ appear over time, which are unsightly as well as being a heavy indicator of wear and tear – an image like this may seem like you don’t care, and that your standards could be less than perfect.  Office cleanliness should be the cornerstone on which you build your business reputation.

So what can we do to ensure the longevity of our hard floors or their coverings?  Daily, regular vacuuming of carpets and mopping of hard floors will help maintain the aesthetic, but every day deep seated dirt will build up that vacuuming and mopping will not reach.  The only way to eliminate this is to implement a regime of scheduled carpet and hard floor deep cleaning.  Regular deep cleans will help to preserve your floors, carpets and coverings for longer, removing the need to replace them as often, saving you time, money and hassle.

Whether your carpets are a thick sumptuous pile, or a basic low pile tile, cleaning is best undertaken biannually by professionals. Contractors use professional-grade equipment which will quickly and efficiently remove the microscopic debris and dirt that has built up, ensuring that no cleaning agent is left behind after a thorough extraction process.  Why not have your upholstery cleaned at the same time?  Your soft furnishings come under attack from the same dirt, outdoor grime, odours and pollutants as your carpets, so it makes sense (financial and otherwise) to have them all cleaned together.

As with carpet cleaning, we recommend that hard floor deep cleaning and maintenance is carried out biannually by a professional. Again, contractors will use professional grade equipment to improve the look and longevity of the floor’s surface, and will often apply a clear undercoat or polish to protect the raw floor (depending on its composition) making it last much longer.

Here at Diligent Cleaning we employ cleaning experts across Peterborough and surrounding areas.  Carpet and hard floor maintenance is essential if you want to prolong the appearance and life of carpets, carpet tiles and hard floor coverings.  For any further guidance or advice do not hesitate to get in touch.

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