Cleaning Is Good For Your Mental Health!

Mental health isn’t the taboo subject it once was, thank heavens! But for those of us that don’t suffer a mental illness, it’s still really easy to get bogged down with ‘stuff’ and to feel a little under par from time to time. The stresses and strains of everyday life can be exhausting!

So what do you do when you’re feeling stressed or a little anxious? Maybe you download a mindfulness app or book yourself in for a spa day or massage? But it might surprise you to learn that more and more people are reaching for the vacuum cleaner in order to work out some of that angst; which is every bit as beneficial to mental health as some of the more sedate or relaxing alternatives.

So why does dusting those cobwebs away have such a positive effect on our wellbeing? Perhaps it’s because it gives us a sense of control over our environment, whilst the act of cleaning itself can help calm the mind as well as improving mood due to the satisfaction factor.

Of course, science plays a part too – we know that any form of exercise releases endorphins and as cleaning could be construed as exercise, we can all reap those same feel good rewards! Even an hour of minimum effort household chores can see us burn over 100 calories, so the heavier the work, the more calories we burn.

Decluttering also has a positive impact. You know the saying – “tidy house, tidy mind”? Too much clutter can over stimulate the senses making us feel like there is unfinished business. By tidying your surroundings, and having a home for all possessions, the brain fog that some of us tend to get will lift.

Our mood can also be determined by the products that we use to clean with. The aromas and scents of our surroundings can help give you a much needed lift, increasing motivation and energy levels, whilst decreasing feelings of stress and anxiety.

Now you don’t need to wonder why we’re all such a happy bunch at Diligent!