Our Away Day at Peterborough Phantoms

Never let it be said that we’re all work and no play here at Diligent Cleaning. We’re just like one big happy family, so it stands to reason that when we have some down time, now and again we like to spend some of it together.

That opportunity arose last Sunday evening when our Managing Director, Simon, bought a VIP Box at Peterborough Phantoms Ice Hockey Arena to entertain not just us, but some of our lovely clients too.

Ice hockey has been a huge part of Peterborough’s modern history since the early 80s, when the ice rink was built in the city – the first in the UK since the 1960s! The Phantoms themselves are a team of locally trained players who have progressed through the excellent Peterborough Youth Development Programme, supported by other players from North America and Europe. Much like Diligent, their talent is culturally diverse and inclusive!

Our dream clean team, and clients from Barratt David Wilson (house builder) & Persimmon (house builder). Pictured far right with ‘Hockey Dog’ is Parker, who joined Diligent’s Managing Director, Simon Youngs, on the ice after the game to present the Man of the Match awards.

Building good relationships with our clients is key to our business, and this was the perfect setting to strengthen our association with them, as well as within our own team. We enjoyed a fast paced, fun packed evening, with Peterborough Phantoms claiming a 4-2 win over Leeds Chiefs.

Finding the right work/life balance can sometimes be difficult – we think we’ve nailed it!

You can book tickets to see the Phantoms in action via their website here. Go Phantoms!